Restaurant in Sromowice

The Trzy Korony Mountain Hut’s Restaurant attracts guests by tasty dishes made in accordance with the old-time highland recipes. All of the dishes are prepared on site and only from natural products.

We have our own spring water intake – it flows to the Mountain Hut straight from the heart of the Pieniński National Park. 

The flavors of our dishes will please even the most demanding consumers. The best evidence of the quality of our dishes is the fact that our clients come back to us every time they visit Sromowce town.

From the menu of our restaurant in the Pieniny Mountains we especially recommend the delicious mountain trout, the traditional mutton haunch in sauerkraut, the perfect made on site dumplings – especially with bryndza cheese and the absolutely delicious apple pie.



scrambled eggs on butter, scrambled eggs with onion, scrambled eggs with sausage, eggs and bacon, boiled sausage, sausage fried with onion, cheese, cold meat, Vienna sausage, cottage cheese with onion, jam, honey 

Dinner dishes:

sauerkraut soup with ribs, tomato soup, sour rye soup with eggs and sausage, mutton haunch in sauerkraut, mountain trout, Janosik’s pie, raftsman’s cutlet with potatoes and salad, highland cutlet with potatoes and salad, hunter’s goulash, highland sauerkraut and meat stew, dumplings with bryndza cheese, shepherd’s dumplings, Pieniny dumplings, dumplings with cottage cheese and potatoes, dumplings with blueberries, pancakes, oscypek cheese with cranberries.

Hot beverages

tea with lemon, tea with raspberry juice, green tea, fruit tea, brewed coffee, espresso, latte coffee, hot chocolate, warm beer with honey

Apart from the Restaurant, which is open all year long and located inside the Mountain Hut, in the summer season we also serve dishes from a grill bar. It is also the only place with views on the Mount Trzy Korony, Dunajec River gorge and the Slovak part of the Tatra Mountains, where you can drink several types of the Slovak beer.

We help in organizing integrative parties, corporate parties, birthday parties, name-day parties, social gatherings and special events. At the client’s request we can provide live music played by a highland band.

The unique place where we are situated as well as delicious home-made food make everyone happy with our services. We also offer cheap group menu sets.