Rest in Pieniny mountains

The Pieniny Mountains are an ideal place for relaxation in every season of the year. You can find here numerous mountain trails, bicycle routes, walking paths or cross-country skiing trails. It is worth skiing free from crowd slopes in Niedzica, Szczawnica, Kluszkowce, Krościenko or Jeziersko. From spring to autumn you can enjoy Poland’s greatest attractions – the world-famous Dunajec Rafting during which you can admire the most beautiful parts of the Pieniński National Park. It is also a must to climb Mount Trzy Korony (982 meters above sea level), Mount Sokolica (747 meters above sea level), Mount Wysoka (1050 meters above sea level), as well as to walk along the Szopczański Ravine and Homole Ravine. It is here in the Pieniny Mountains region where you can find such attractions as the Niedzica Castle, Dunajec River Dam, Czorsztyn Castle, the Red Monastery, UNESCO-listed Church in Dębno Podhalańskie, Church in Grywałd, Pienińskie Museum in Szczawnica and Orthodox Church in Jaworki.

facts about pieniny mountains

The Pieniny Mountains are part of the 550-kilometer wide Pieniny Klippen Belt separating the outer flysch Carpathian Mountains from Inner Carpathian Mountains, the so-called crystalline ones. From the south the Pieniny Mountains neighbor with the Magura Spiska Range and from the north with the Gorce Range and Beskid Sądecki Mountains. They create a separate mountain range which is 35 kilometers long and 6 kilometers wide and divided in three by the Dunajec River gorges. The Pieniny Właściwe Mountains are the natural and physiographical part of the range. Between the peaks there  are beautiful and steep valleys which at places have the form of rock ravines. Northern slopes descend to the valleys relatively smoothly and the Dunajec River part is surrounded by effectively towering limestone walls of southern and eastern exposure climbing up to 300 meters.

geographical tripartite

  • The Pieniny Czorsztyńskie Range – stretching from Czorsztyn village to Chwała Bogu (Szopka) pass and Szopczański Ravine. The mild range is covered by forests and meadows as well as by patches of fields. The highest elevations are:Mount Nowa Góra (902 meters above sea level) and Mount Macelak (856 meters above sea level)
  • The Trzy Korony Massif – towering between the Szopka pass on the west and Pieniński Potok valley on the east. It is the most diverse with regard to landscape and the most impressive part of the Pieniny Mountains. Numerous high rock walls and piles of scree are places of presence of the unique animal life and vegetation.
  • Pieninki – the scenic ridge stretching from the Potok Pieniński valley on the west to the Dunajec River valley near Szczawnica town on the east. Highest peaks: Mount Sokolica (747 meters above sea level) and Mount Czertezik (774 meters above sea level) are towering about 300 meters over the surface of the Dunajec River.