Sromowice Niżne

Sromowce Niżne town is an ideal place for mountainside holidays. The beginnings of the village founded in the first half of the 14th century are connected with the history of the Order of Saint Clare from the town of Stary Sącz, which was the first owner of Sromowce town. In the 16th century a wooden church was built here and it remained until today – it is the part of the Wooden Architecture Route in Małopolska. Today the old historical building houses the Pieniny Art Gallery.

National Park

The beautiful location in the Pieniński National Park buffer zone at the foot of Mount Trzy Korony and at the mouth of the Pieniński Dunajec River gorge is the reason why tourist choose this place as a starting point of their hikes to Mount Trzy Korony, Mount Sokolica or Mount Zamkowa with Saint Kinga’s cave. Thanks to the bridge on the Dunajec River which was opened in 2006 – the pedestrian border crossing with Slovakia – it is possible to go for an excursion to the Red Monastery, along numerous mountain tourist trails and bicycle paths and in winter along the well-preserved cross-country skiing routes. It’s also worth your time to take a walk on the Pienińska Road along the Dunajec River gorge. You should certainly visit the historical building housing the  Trzy Korony Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society Mountain Hut which is famous for its delicious regional cuisine.

In Sromowce Niżne town there is also a rafting marine from which you can start rafting or kayaking down the Dunajec River.  

More information

There are a couple of grocery shops in the village, a small shopping center, pharmacy, postal agency and Health Center.

Unfortunately the is no cash dispenser in Sromowce town so you should prepare cash beforehand. Guests having „cash back” function can withdraw small amounts of money in the Trzy Korony Mountain Hut. 
People spending their holidays or breaks in Sromowce Niżne town can rent „Giant”  bicycles or snowshoes at the Trzy Korony Mountain Hut.   

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