Red Monastery

The complex of monastery buildings, situated in the scenic location by the Dunajec River, was first inhabited by the Carthusians and then by  the Camaldolese who are famous for their hermit way of life. The most famous of the Red Monastery monks was the monk Cyprian. He served as a physician, barber surgeon and pharmacist. He grew herbs in the monastery gardens and made medicines from them. He was also known as a botanist and his herbarium remains until this day in the museum in Tatrzańska Łomnica village, where you can see it. In this herbarium the monk Cyprian catalogued and described almost 300 species of plants growing in the Pieniny Mountains. He also collected vegetation in the Tatra Mountains –for example in Kieżmarska Valley and other locations. 

Today the Monastery houses a must-see museum.

The flying monk

Cyprian is also known by the nickname the Flying Monk. According to one legend he flew from the summit of Mount Trzy Korony to the Red Monastery courtyard using the wings he made on his own or – according to another legend – he flew over Lake Morskie Oko where he was turned to stone which is known to this day as the Monk.

„The Flying Monk and the Da Vinci mystery” is a Polish-Slovak film depicting the life of the famous monk – a great cinematic bestseller in Slovakia.