Attractive location

The Trzy Korony Mountain Hut is one of the most attractively situated mountain huts in Poland, offering cheap accommodation and mountain leisure. It is located in the quiet and peaceful Sromowce Niżne town in the Pieniny Właściwe Mountains on the southern slope just under the summit of Mount Trzy Korony. Nearby there is a mouth of the Szopczański ravine through which runs one of the most interesting  trails in the Pieniny Właściwe Mountains. The Mountain Hut is located at the height of 470 meters above sea level. From the windows of the rooms you can admire the Dunajec River gorge situated “close at hand”, the summit of Mount Trzy Korony, the Red Monastery, Slovak Pieniny Mountains and Bielskie Tatra Mountains.


In the vicinity of the Mountain Hut lies a Pavilion owned by the Pieniński National Park, rafting port in Sromowce Niżne town, historical wooden church from the 16th century and pedestrian border crossing to Slovakia. There is also a bus stop nearby.

Czortyńskie Lake

A bit further (approx. 15 minutes by car) lies Czorsztyńskie Lake with the Niedzica Castle and Czorsztyn Castle towering over it. The location of the Mountain Hut in the vicinity of ski lifts, hot springs and numerous cross-country skiing trails makes the Mountain Hut attractive also during the winter. It is an ideal place to spend your mountainside winter holidays.


Attraction Name 
Time of arrival
Distance from the Mountain Hut

Ski slopes

Polana Sosny Niedzica 15 min 5 km
Skipark Eland Spiska Stara Wieś (Słowacja) 17 min 8km
Czorsztyn-Ski Kluszkowce 20 min 13 km
Skibachledova Jezersko (Słowacja) 30 min 25 km
Palenica Szczawnica 40 min 33 km
Kotelnica Białka Tatrzańska 45 min 35 km
Jurgów Ski Jurgów 50 min 35 km
Hot springs
Terma Bukowina Tatrzańska 55 min 34 km
Termy Podhalańskie Szaflary 50 min 35 km
Aquacity Poprad Poprad (Słowacja) 1,10 h 61 km
Vrbov Vrbov 1 h 54 km
Vyšné Ružbachy Ružbachy 55 min 49 km