Welcome to the Trzy Korony Mountain Hut

Situated by the trail leading to the most famous summit of the Pieniny Mountains – Mount Trzy Korony – our Mountain Hut is an ideal place for relaxation.  From the apartment windows of our open all year round Mountain Hut you can view the Red Monastery, the Tatra Mountains and raftsmen steering their traditional rafts down the Dunajec River gorge. The Mountain Hut is famous for its exquisite local cuisine and of course  for the clear mountain air. Our restaurant is open for everyone, also for the passing-by tourists.

The Mountain Hut and its surroundings offer a lot of attractions which will diversify your stay at any time in the year. We offer special family packages, corporate stays with integration parties as well as packages for schools with educational activities.

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Spring tours of Pieniny Mountains – Spring under Mount Trzy Korony and by the Dunajec River Gorge.

If you like mountain walks combined with observation of nature awakening to life, then you would surely adore spring stays in the Pieniny Mountains. It’s in the spring when the first rafting expeditions down the Dunajec River are held, when you can take the first bicycle excursions or enjoy Nordic Walking. The spring is also the beginning of sheep pasture. Just by the Trzy Korony Mountain Hut you can find around 200 sheep grazing and in the nearby cottage you can see a shepherd working and buy delicious types of cheese: oscypek, bundz, bryndza or żętyca.

Spend your holiday in mountains in the Trzy Korony Mountain Hut

We encourage to plan your mountain holidays in the Trzy Korony Mountain Hut. Tens of interesting walking paths, numerous bicycle routes, rafting down the Dunajec River, sightseeing in famous castles, lakeside trips will make this time full of impressions and memorable. In the evening it’s worth to take a blanket and go to the Dunajec River gorge to listen to the nocturnal concerts of nature and look at the stars which are particularly well visible here.  Summer is the only season when you can see the famous Apollo butterfly which lives only in the Pieniny Mountains.

Autumn bicycle trips in the Pieniny Mountains – See the most beautiful season in the Pieniny Mountains – Autumn under Mount Trzy Korony

If you like walking or cycling in the beautiful scenery full of multicolor leaves, then autumn is the best time to visit us.  We encourage you to use our tourist equipment supply and rent a bicycle or Nordic Walking sticks. In peace and silence you will surely have an opportunity to observe wild forest animals or to take part in the most beautiful autumn rafting down the Dunajec River.

We invite you also if you like fishing.

Skiing in the Pieniny Mountains – Winter in the Pieniny Mountains in the Trzy Korony Mountain Hut

We encourage to plan your winter holidays in the mountains in the Trzy Korony Mountain Hut. If you like skiing, snowboarding or skating, you made a right choice. In the vicinity of the Trzy Korony Mountain Hut there are ski slopes, winter sports schools, ice rink and places where you can rent appropriate equipment. Here you can also do some cross-country skiing or put on snowshoes, which are accessible in the Mountain Hut, and go for a trip.

In the evening you can take a horse-drawn sleigh ride with torches and finish it with a bonfire or choose to go to the warming hot springs.

You can get to the Mountain Hut during a whole year.  There is an asphalt route which will lead you to us. The route is passable (regularly plowed) also in the winter.


Ferie zimowe na Podhalu – aktywne ferie dla całej rodziny

Ferie zimowe na Podhalu – aktywne ferie dla całej rodziny

Dopiero rozpoczął się rok szkolny, a dzieci już myślą o feriach. Mimo że za oknem mamy piękny, słoneczny październik i zwiastunów zimy jeszcze nie widać, to nawet najmłodsi wiedzą, że w górach zima na pewno przyjdzie. Szczególnie na Podhalu, gdzie atrakcj

Atrakcje na ferie zimowe w górach 2019 – Sromowce

Atrakcje na ferie zimowe w górach 2019 – Sromowce

Szukając miejsca, gdzie można spędzić ferie zimowe w górach, wielu z nas rozpatruje tylko Karpacz lub Zakopane i później narzeka na ceny i ścisk w hotelach. Zapominamy, że ferie zimowe z dziećmi w górach można spędzić również np. w Pieninach, pięknej krai

Sokola Perć i Sokolica w Pieninach

Sokola Perć i Sokolica w Pieninach

Chociaż na skutek akcji ratunkowej, jeden z symboli Pienin, sosna reliktowa na Sokolicy została dość poważnie uszkodzona, to wyprawa na szczyt przez Sokolą Perć swoimi widokami i interesującym podejściem nadal zadowoli zarówno weekendowych amatorów, jak i

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